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During the last 14 years, we have helped thousands of people and companies to communicate effectively and empathically with their business partners and audiences at an international level through our linguistic services (remote and face-to-face): Interpretation (Simultaneous and consecutive on video conferences and in webinars), content translation, localization of digital platforms, transcription, translated subtitling and voice-over (human and artificial) in more than 25 languages.

Based on our own experiences and those of our clients, we have identified that the process of obtaining partners (clients, suppliers, or consultants) and audiences at an international level is limited by three critical factors, namely:

  1. Traditional Internet searches using search engines or social networks are ineffective and take a long time. It is difficult to filter and quickly specify the right business partners (Matches).
  2. The services of the foreign trade promoters of each country are unavailable to all people and companies. There are economic, logistical, management, and regulatory barriers to accessing their services.
  3. Language and cultural barriers limit the opportunities to find, filter, and specify business partners at the international level.

This is why we decided to create LingoExport.com, to facilitate the process of finding business partners internationally. Seeking thus, to contribute to the expansion of markets of our users and the competitiveness, transfer of knowledge and technology of companies and countries.

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We also facilitate continuity, agility, efficiency, biosafety, and inclusivity in the multicultural communications of your business.